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Farmer's - Gin Organic 0
Farmer's - Gin Organic
Type: Gin | Location: United States | Size: 750ml
Grown Organically 

About the Producer:

Farmer's Organic gin is made by the Crop Harvest Earth, which uses organically grown grain for their alcohol base and are free of artificial fertilizers, pesticides and chemicals. They carry the USDA Organic... Read More

Wine Enthusiast89 points
Retail Price$31.99
Fidencio - Mezcal 0
Fidencio - Mezcal
Type: Mezcal | Location: Mexico | Size: 750ml

100% estate-grown, ten year old agave espadín makes up this terrifically vibrant and delicious mezcal. Loaded with smoke and plenty of tang, this perfect for straight sipping or quality cocktail mixing. It is double-distilled,... Read More

Retail Price$41.99
Riazuleno - Contemporaneo 0
Riazuleno - Contemporaneo
Type: Mezcal | Location: Mexico | Size: 750ml
Aroma and flavor are less intense than the Clasico. Herbal taste profile with sweet notes and tones of select Agave classes (Wild Tobala and Espadin). Less intense floral notes, light aroma and taste of burnt wood. Balanced with... Read More
Retail Price$59.99
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